Monday, December 1, 2008

Announcing the Summit 2009

Check these out!

Announcement thread on JP Fitness

Summit '09 Registration Site

May 15-17, 2009 in Kansas City, MO

Looking forward to it!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Summit Reviews

I think both Lou and Steve wrote great reviews of the summit. Check them out here:

Lou Schuler's review

Steve Cotter's review

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ben's Review of 2008

Ben pretty much kept things to pictures and video, so far. Who knew he had something to say?

JP Fitness Summit 2008 @ No Magic Pill

Hmm... How'd I miss that?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No Small Talk

No Small Talk

I've been trying to come up with something to say about the '08 Summit and it's been really hard. I've been home almost a week, and the melancholy feeling is still hanging on a bit. But, that's okay. I have great memories, feeling, and friendships to drive that feeling. I wouldn't give that up.

Here goes...

Hmmm... "Friendship" is the primary word. I can't say fitness is secondary, because fitness is why we were there, directly or indirectly. The forum is the why and the how of knowing each other. Friendships that are, for some, closer ones than we have with many or our local friends. This technology of the internet is a true blessing in this respect.

I flew out from Orange County by myself. I figured I'd get to Little Rock, and Erika would swing by, as planned. I'm sitting in Dallas, and Rob strolls up. "Hi, Rob." "Hi, Roland." I move my bag and Rob sits down. Two years it's been since we've actually seen each other and we pick up pretty smoothly. No small talk, it's right to an actual conversation. Rob's my friend.

We get to Dallas (I'll admit it felt odd that Rob and I weren't seated together on the plane to LR) and gather up with more friends. Nick's there, as is Craig. New to the Summit is Doug, but he's sitting there with Craig, hanging out for a few.

Realizing that I've got ride space galore, I get on the phone with Erika; give her some of her time back. "That's nice of Nick, but I'll come say "hi" anyway!" ...and she does come, just to say "hi" to us. Pretty soon, we've got a little crowd in baggage claim, chatting away, skipping the small talk, and having a great time -- Erika's youngest, even! Our bags are quick to come down the chute and we all take off for the hotel. So far, a strangely fun experience in LR, so far.

The whole weekend went like that airport meeting did. Afternoon at the hotel, the group got larger. JP and Erika's house, larger still. My friend Shannon, who I'd never even seen was there to greet me when I came back to the hotel. We picked up verbally, right were those emails left off!

Friday was no different, as more and more folk showed up at the gym and the hotel. I'm afraid I'll leave too many great people and details out if I drone on too long; this is about the reasons for being there and friendships. Details be damned, it's the whole of the people who were there that's important.

Friends came from all over the country and all over the world to see each other in Little Rock. You don't hop on a plane in Canada, Bulgaria, or England unless you have friends to greet you at the other end; Little Rock, Arkansas.

When you're there, you never want to walk away from the conversation you're having, because it's going to be a year before you see your friend again. Yet, if you don't move on to another friend, it' might be a missed opportunity until next year. Jeez! There's only so much time. Never enough.

People who haven't been to a Summit before might have scoffed at the build up that we had to this thing on the forum. A countdown thread. Anticipation posts. Packing updates. Man, it was like a kid trying to get to sleep on Christmas Eve for most of us. But, next year, you go, too! You'll feel it. You might feel silly, but it'll be the best silly ever. Trust me.

When the end came, it came too quickly. There were, seemingly, many ends, though. We had an end party in the hotel lobby, blogging, drinking shakes, and laughing until late in the evening. We said our goodbyes to the people that were leaving early the next morning. Despite that, there were even more goodbyes the next day, as we met in the lobby to see each other off. A goodbye workout, as the group got even smaller. A smaller goodbye lunch. A smaller goodbye coffee. I've lost count. Finally, I was the last one out. At least until Galya leaves in still a few more weeks time. Airport time for me...

How many of you have missed a plane flight? It might have been canceled, you got there too late, oversold, etc. It had never happened to me before.

When she dropped me off, Erika had joked, smiling, that the flight might end up being canceled, but I'd scoffed. Late, maybe. Not canceled.

Later, when the gate attendant made the announcement that some people weren't going to make it on the plane because they needed to lighten the load, I perked up and secretly wished for it to be me. One more day with the friends that were still there in Little Rock? I tried to appear as heavy as possible. ...and I got my wish.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

2007 Summit DVD

No fancy web page yet, but just go buy it here. 2007 JP Fitness Summit DVD.

2006 Summit DVD

There may be a fancy web page somewhere, but just go buy it here. 2006 JP Fitness Summit DVD.

Summit 2008 pictures

I guess you need a paparazzi all the way from Bulgaria to shoot some of these random and not so random moments!

The view some of the summiteers saw for the first time. Don't think because you have seen it before, it won't take your breath away!

Saturday night dinner at Rumba Revolution!

Sunday night dinner at JPs house! Guess what's for dessert?

JP, Steve Cotter and Chris, Friday night, shorty after we all met for the first time. JP is busy explaining, Steve is being himself and Chris is the one who really knows how to pose for a pic!

Part of the dynamic warmup Steve Cotter had us do! Hips don't lie!

Ok, it's Roland's cheat day, but me and Alan started it!

Chocolate is its own macronutrient, we have no science to back it up but if want to argue we can take that outside!

Erika is truly the miracle that makes this whole summit tick, she deserves a good rest, I don't know who that long legs dude is...

Christine, Galya and Manu...focused on how everyone else is chilling...
The boat trip Sunday morning was an amazing time, both to hang out with friends and take a break from whatever happened Saturday!

Chris, Jamie and Bill!
He IS from California after all!

Jamie and Mike, thank you so much for putting everything together!

In the JP household, one must hold a rat before allowed to sit and enjoy a good time!

Leo is nothing compared to Nick! This boat did not sink, either!

Yes, you!
Nick explains in a funny voice how typing on the forums is no longer his thing and he is looking for a personal assistant to do that for him.

Last day and last workout for the last ones that were left after the summit. We did some KB swing ladders and Nick got leaner, immediately. No **** !

Saturday night posedown! Things got worse later, you'll see...

Nick is not sure exactly who he is after registering on Saturday. He did have a number of labels with adjectives on his back, but I spared you and did not post them!

The famous calf-triceps pose. Others tried and failed.
Britain and Canada unite!

We saw, heard and saw no evil wheel at this summit, just kettlebells!

I can actually get up, which surprised me more than it did Steve!

See, he is not suprised at all! Seriously, what an amazing and approachable person.

My wonderful friend Roland, who had to really bend down for this picture!

Same thing, earlier the same day, I am on my toes I think...

I told you the posedown continued...Manu can truly bring a calf to the race!

Besides the greatest coach in the world, me and Christine share trail mix talent, and an year old friendship! I miss you!

Alan will truly blow your mind, not because he can help you get leaner (in my case), but because he'll sit and actually eat what you do!

And then pose with you!

And then make you feel smart for going through the first 4 pages of his book without wanting to go back to school to polish on 80% of the subjects!

We are all looking forward to hearing what Lou has to say (he is actually sitting across from us at this point)

Mahler should have his own yacht!

Lou has a new chair. Its not the same!

Lou and Chris have just arrived...

Lou's presentation, which left us all in awe...

And he can overhead squat!

He can't do this anymore, Nick stole his props!

But he can do bottoms up press better than anyone in that room, but maybe Steve...

This guy was another guys stunt double

The last of us left after the summit to witness the chalk explosions on the floor!

Alan, day 1, still trying to figure out if we this is a fitness party or a fitness summit!


JP is a hell of a guitar player! This is actually his flexibility training...

But he also does some curls with odd objects, just to prove that he knows about kettlebells!

Sal sent JP an amazing gift! It has its own stand at the gym now, thank you!!!!

JP and Alan!

Mahler, Lou and what I believe is my beer!

Erika and me!

Freshly shipped from Canada minus Roland!

A legendary night on which Lou enlightened some of us on writing!

I don't remember when we took this picture!

Saturday night posedown continues!

It never ends!

I have no idea what she's saying to Jamie but it must be funny!

I learn to flip eggplant!

We are actually that buff!

More buff!

This boat would have never made it without Ben and Terry!

Craig was never seen at the summit, I think he stayed with Julian and his legos for the whole weekend!
Christine-attentive, as usual :)

And having some great fun watching the kettlebell seminar!

Chris chilling!

Friday, UFC workout for girls!

Steve Cotter and martial arts demonstration! He is not human, not human!

Ben, Mahler and Kcourt!
Some parts of people and a chilling bulgarian!

Another stunt double...

If it's Karaoke you know who we're watching!

During the day things were normal!

For all of us!

Alan can do great KB swings!

Thankfully he did all the book signing prior to the swings!

Nick, on the boat!
Don't we look like it's our boat!

JP found a guitar partner, Alan was doing everything to resist singing!

Later that day we jumped on the trampoline!

But JPs little ones figured out who Nick was right away!
Behinh Nick you can see Neil, taking a break and Craig on the right!