Friday, May 23, 2008

Summit -- A Definition, A Ramble, and Finally, A Point.


sum·mit (smt)
1. The highest point or part; the top.
2. The highest level or degree that can be attained.
3a. The highest level, as of government officials.
3b. A conference or meeting of high-level leaders, usually called to shape a program of action.

sum·mit·ed, sum·mit·ing, sum·mits
To climb to the summit of (a mountain).

To climb to the summit.

That's the definition of the word, and based on my bolding, I think that JP did a great job naming the event. The Summit is more than a place to come and learn from the experts, it's a place to come and learn from each other, the experts do have a little influence, sometimes...

One Week Out!

I could not be more excited about the Summit coming up. It's one week from today! I'll be in Little Rock again with tons of friends; some I've actually met, some I've spoken to on the phone or via magical internet technologies, some I know via email, and some I've known only through posts on the JPFitness Forum.

I remember walking into JP's gym that first day, two years back and not knowing how to introduce myself. I didn't know if anyone actually knew my name. I was Lost Dog on the forum and it had not even occurred to me until the first person stuck out his hand and introduced himself that I had to decide... LD, Lost Dog, or Roland. If anyone remembers what I said, clue me in. After a few minutes (and all the intros were done), I was Roland for the weekend. Although, I distinctly remember answering to a few callouts of "LD" in the new few days. There are worse things to be called. I might like it, anyway.

The friendship aspects aside for a minute, and let me talk a little bit about the presenters. In 2006, Bill Hartman was the presenter. In the past, he'd answered my posted questions and helped all of us out. But, in person, he helped me out in ways that still amaze me. Since 2006, my training has changed, my body has changed, my training philosophies have changed. All because of the hands on time with Bill.

I'll nutshell things, just to let you see what Bill did for me...
  • Taught me to touch my toes (sometimes you don't know how to control your own body)
  • Squatting (I was moving wrong, and very unmobile).
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/Ulnar Neuropathy (stretching and massage vs surgery? sign me up!)
These were the things that Bill directly addressed for me. Doctors, trainers, and physical therapists had all given me help here and there, but nothing ever changed. Bill took care of it in a weekend, and since then, my grip has improved, I'm able to squat deeper and safely, deadlift more weight, and I even walk on my toes less. A good weekend investment.

Is Bill really the only guy that could have helped me? No. The key is that I got hands on help from an expert. Not just some Doc, PT, or CPT, but an actual expert. And, that's the chance that JP give you at his Summits; some real hands on time with the guys that know their stuff.

That year it was Bill. This year it's Alan Aragon and Steve Cotter. Two experts in training and nutrition.

You all know by now that I was fat. I have food issues to this day, and I'm looking forward to Alan's presentation and the chance to have a conversation with the guy (probably over food, too (my food issues aren't THAT bad)). What you get from a man's posts and emails is one thing, but a dialog will really open things up, I hope.

I'm always amazed at the feats of Steve Cotter. I hope he does tricks in person, too. Even if he doesn't, the guy knows so much about areas that I confess I've neglected. He's got the physical and mental sides of training and living figured out. Something called Qigon, which I hope is something sorta Force-like, explaining so much about Steve's extreme feets of strength. I do of course remember Qigon Gin from Star Wars I, so I'm hoping for the best.

So we've got a gathering here; professionals presenting, professionals here to learn from those presenters, laymen here to learn more about bettering themselves, and people there for the fun (I'm told LR is like a mini-Orlando?).

I can't claim credit for noticing that our traditional post-Summit Sunday hikes were to the top of a place called something like Pinnacle Peak. The summit of Pinnacle Peak. Hmm... is it at the top? I wonder?

I don't know if JP named the event after this place, or if it's all a cosmic coincidence, but it all comes together quite nicely.

In 2006, I got to take dozens of pics with all my new friends. You can see me in a few on this blog site, and I can't wait to take even more next week. In the meantime, here's another from 2006, from that Summit -- and from the summit of Pinnacle Peak.

John, Nick, Lou, JP, and Roland

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